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We created the GT Registry in January 1994 because of our love for the cars and our desire to help out other like-minded enthusiasts.  While it started out as a "hobby" paid for out of our own pockets, the creation of the website back in March 1996 quickly caused the registry to take on a life of its own and grow more than we could have ever imagined.  Naturally, with all the growth also came an increasing number of expenses required to meet the needs and expectations of our registry patrons.

1988 Mustang GT certification labelSince we still run this registry and website as a "hobby", we have really struggled at times to come up with the funds to pay the on-going expenses required to keep the registry moving forward.  Because of this, donations are very much needed to help offset our expenses and keep this registry / web site alive.  If you have enjoyed visiting our web site and have found it useful in your quest for information, we ask that you consider making a donation to show your support (any amount is greatly appreciated - no matter how large or small!).

In return for you generous donation, you will receive a custom message board "Donating Member" title, a mention on our "contributors" listings and our heartfelt THANK YOU for helping to support what we feel is one of the best resources out there for information on 1982-1993 Mustang GT's.

Note:  "Donating Member" titles on our message board will be reset each year so that only the current calendar year's donating members will have the titles under their names. In addition to giving recognition to those members who give us on-going support through regular donations, this will also encourage everyone to remember that in order for the registry website to remain here year after year, we need your assistance to help pay the bills month after month and year after year. On-going donations are becoming critical in ensuring that our website will remain in existence, continue to remain fully functional and continue to grow.  More info here...


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Where your donation goes...

The costs to run the website and registry can vary a great deal from year to year depending on a number of factors / needs and can be broken down into two different categories - website-related costs and non-website-related costs.

Website-related expenditures include website and online database hosting, domain name renewal, message board software, photo gallery software and numerous other website-related software costs (including necessary periodic software upgrades).  The registry / website has experienced many growing pains over the years, mainly due to the lack of money to upgrade our web hosting and software in order to keep up with our growing number of visitors.  Our web site (with all of the pictures, information, message board files, registration database, etc.) currently consumes a large amount of server space and we continue to gain more and more visitors. 

1983 Ford Car Facts BookThe other type of expenses we have are non-website-related costs.  We are different than your average Mustang enthusiast website in that our website is actually somewhat secondary to what we do.  As a registry, there are a lot of things we do behind the scenes that other Mustang websites don't.  The registry was originally created back in 1994 with the primary purpose of gathering information and data from 1982-1993 Mustang GT's which means we do a lot of work that most people don't actually see.  A great deal of our time is spent programming, managing and adding to our 6,000+ car database, doing GT-related research and continually adding to our collection of GT-related reference photos and materials.  Of course, with these tasks come major and not-so-major expenses for things such as reference materials, software, new computer hardware & upgrades, other supplies, registry-related phone bills, postage, etc.

As noted above, costs to run the registry can vary a great deal from year to year depending on things such as whether we need to upgrade or purchase new computer hardware or software, upgrade our web hosting, or if we do something out of the ordinary such as have a registry "get together" like the 40th Mustang Anniversary MCA show in April 2004. 

At the current time, we are desperately in need of website and database software upgrades in addition to computer hardware upgrades.  Getting donations to fund these upgrades will enable us to better integrate our website and registration database and allow us to get the latest versions of much-needed software for the website and registry.  This, in turn, will allow us to spend more time on doing registry-related research and answering your questions!!