1993 Mustang GT

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1993 Mustang GT hatchbackTotal Mustangs produced: 114,228 
Total GT’s produced: 20,994
GT Hatchbacks: 14,459
GT Convertibles: 6,535
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205 HP @ 4200 RPM
275 ft/lb @ 3000 RPM
1993 Mustang GT intakeThe 1993 Mustang GT was the last of the breed of Fox-chassis based 5.0L’s. Production for 1993 increased slightly by 5,656 units perhaps because of this. Although there were no mechanical changes from 1992 to 1993 (aside from hypereutectic pistons replacing the previous forged aluminum pistons), both the horsepower and torque ratings dropped for ‘93 - horsepower by 20 and torque by 25. The reduced ratings were influenced by a stack-up of minor mechanical changes and by changes to Ford’s engine evaluation processes. Dictated mainly by emissions, fuel economy and customer satisfaction requirements, a series of mechanical revisions had been made since Ford initially assigned the engine’s 225-horsepower rating for 1987. These include a restrictive resonator added to the inlet tract (1987-1993) that produced a 5-7 horsepower loss. The small camshaft profile change in 1989 reduced HO output by 3 horsepower. The restrictive mass airflow meter in the inlet tract introduced in 1989 yields 2-3 horsepower less than the speed density system. Some minor exhaust system revisions made between 1987-1993 also add up to another small reduction in engine output. The second contributing factor in the re-rating of the ‘93 V8 involved changes in the processes that Ford used to select engines for testing and the engine’s state of dress (with all engine-driven accessories) during testing. Combined with the ‘87-93 mechanical revisions, the revised-for-1993 testing procedures add up to the ‘93 model year’s reduced output ratings. 
1993 Mustang GT wheelIn spite of this the 302 HO V8 was back strong as ever, with its mass airflow sensor, 60mm throttle body, tuned length aluminum intake plenum, 19 lb-hr injectors, E7TE truck heads, roller lifter cam, remote low-restriction air cleaner, and EEC-IV electronics system. Standard GT fare still included stainless steel exhausts teamed up with stainless steel tubular headers, 10.84-inch front brakes and the GT handling suspension consisting of progressive rate springs, 1.3 inch front anti-sway bar, 0.83 inch rear anti-sway bar and gas pressurized struts with rear quadra-shocks . 
To herald its final year, GT’s sported brand new paint colors - Electric Red, Bright Blue Clearcoat Metallic, Royal Blue Clearcoat Metallic, Reef Blue Clearcoat Metallic, Silver Clearcoat Metallic (all of these available with the Titanium lower accent treatment), Vibrant Red and Vibrant White. The only carryover colors from 1992 were Black Clearcoat and Bright Red. Other than that, the ‘93 GT was a carryover from ‘92 with 5-spoke cast aluminum 16x7 inch wheels with P225/55ZR Goodyear uni-directional Gatorbacks standard and P225/55ZR16 all-season performance tires optional. It retained its flush-fitting headlamps, aerodynamic nose, rear wing, round fog lights, louvered taillights, flush rear quarter window and ground effects package. 
1993 Mustang GT dashThe new color schemes carried over to the cockpit as well, with Opal Grey and Ruby Red replacing Titanium and Scarlet Red - only Black remained the same. Opal Grey leather seats were offered as optional equipment in the GT hatchback. The leather seat choices for the convertible GT became white and opal grey or white and ruby red. Of course the ‘93 GT still featured the standard 7,000 rpm tach, dual map lights, articulated sports seats, interval wipers, center console, driver’s foot rest/ support and brake and accelerator pedals positioned to allow heel-and -toe downshifting. Two new items were introduced in the ‘93 GT in the way of sound systems: a new 80-watt electronic AM/FM stereo radio with cassette player, integral digital clock and premium sound system and a new 80 watt compact disc player with electronic AM/FM stereo radio. These joined the rest of the options for 1993, including: 4-way power driver’s seat, 7 band graphic equalizer, power locks and windows, speed control, dual remote mirrors, air conditioning, sunroof, rear defrost, cargo tie-down net and electronic AM/FM stereo with cassette. One other interior change worth noting for 1993 convertibles was the introduction of an inner lining for the convertible top. 
1993 Mustang GT hatchback and convertibleWith a newly designed Mustang platform in the works for 1994, the Fox-based Mustang GT trotted into the sunset at the end of 1993 having made the world a better (and funner) place for thousands of Mustang fans. Although very different in many respects than the GTs of the 1960’s, this generation's GT can rightfully take its place alongside the classic Mustangs of years gone by. In all probability, it will be one of the cars sought by collectors in the 21st century. 
Sources: All photos - Ford Mustang brochures. 
Miscellaneous Data - 1993 GT
Base price - 1993 Mustang GT 3-door sedan (GT3): $15,850.00 
Base price - 1993 Mustang GT 2-door convertible (GTC): $20,950.00 
Note: These prices fluctuated during the model year. 
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